Saturday, January 10, 2009

Before A Bullet...!!!

Many are walking around, in numbers,
And the crowd is flowing countless...!
But I feel caged all alone,
Like a queasy puppet in vain...!!

What life gifted me till today?
The gown of a clown, behind the stage,
The role of a loser almost always,
And the graveyard of painful solitude...!!

Never thought of a Bliss, that could,
Mould my life to newer shapes...
But something happened out of the blue,
In a lightning fraction of time...!!

I forget the dirty ways I went,
The pungent smell of rotten truths,
The bloodshed and the brutalities,
All for her, the bliss of my solitude...!!

She blossomed in my very being,
Spreading fragrance in my moments,
Her name sounds every time my heart beats,
And I see her everywhere, I could see...!!

Now I have colours to my solitude,
Some smiles and memories to cherish,
Feel like I am born to live; truly
And the whole world is for me and my love...!!

Let the world shower its anger on me,
Shatter my days with its cruel fangs...!!
But I gather more power, from stones,
Those are thrown at me in anguish..!!

I live for her and die for her,
And I love her till my last breath...
Let me tell my feelings to her for her,
Before a bullet takes off my life...!!