Saturday, January 10, 2009

Before A Bullet...!!!

Many are walking around, in numbers,
And the crowd is flowing countless...!
But I feel caged all alone,
Like a queasy puppet in vain...!!

What life gifted me till today?
The gown of a clown, behind the stage,
The role of a loser almost always,
And the graveyard of painful solitude...!!

Never thought of a Bliss, that could,
Mould my life to newer shapes...
But something happened out of the blue,
In a lightning fraction of time...!!

I forget the dirty ways I went,
The pungent smell of rotten truths,
The bloodshed and the brutalities,
All for her, the bliss of my solitude...!!

She blossomed in my very being,
Spreading fragrance in my moments,
Her name sounds every time my heart beats,
And I see her everywhere, I could see...!!

Now I have colours to my solitude,
Some smiles and memories to cherish,
Feel like I am born to live; truly
And the whole world is for me and my love...!!

Let the world shower its anger on me,
Shatter my days with its cruel fangs...!!
But I gather more power, from stones,
Those are thrown at me in anguish..!!

I live for her and die for her,
And I love her till my last breath...
Let me tell my feelings to her for her,
Before a bullet takes off my life...!!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Acquiescent Acquittal

Flood of aversions and famine of love
Plough my mind more and more fertile!
For the seed of revenge to grow as backwoods,
For me to breathe and live that hope...!

Vengeance spills off the hearth
As my heart boils, walled by thoughts!
Red hot face reddens more to burst
And eyes glitter with venomous sparks!

Nobody wants to hear me and
None asked me what I did...!
The blind folded Goddess Of Justice
Is dumb and deaf or a plump of clay...!

Still, I never asked for justice, I know
It's hard to get with sunniest facts, even!
And I pleaded to no one, since
I'm sure no hands will raise for me...!

Now I'm awaiting the wretched cage,
Framed of 'Money Metal' and prostituted faith!
But I'm brave enough to wait for acquittal
And win the verdict of the penultimate game!

Let me dream that vivacious day
With the ruling system cleanses the stains
And truth shines over the clinging hands of greed..!
Help my dream; Visualize into reality...!!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shadow of life

Till where you will follow me?
To the day when my soul,
Mercifully leaves its carrier?
Or you will follow the soul too?

You’ve been a companion,
A warrior fighting my side always!
You stood beside at all my falls!
You’ve taken part of all my tears even!

You get likened to darkness often,
But by virtue you are my child!
The one who’s born to me by light!
The one who shares all my feelings…

You never showed interest in me,
Or you never spoke to me, either…!
But I know for sure, you never
Battle like us; the silly humans…!

I can see the cruel fangs around,
Waiting for piercing my flesh fiercely…!
But I’ll shield you, the best way, I can,
Until I sense my last conscious pulse…!

Now I hear a boat whistles; I see,
Oh! God! With no silhouetted shadows!
Call from heaven (or hell); I feel
Time to leave behind everything; even you…

Will you ask a question to the world?
For me, before you follow my footsteps,
Or dissolve down as an illusion as ever,
That; what a creature do possess its own…?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dew Drops...

The frozen state annoys me,
And my very being as a whole!
Though one limb only on strike,
That prompt the laziness, invade through...!
Thoughts are flowing flawless,
Miles to the days ahead, in fury;
And then back to the days counted,
To bury beneath the broken heart...!
Well, I need a pause, I whispered,
But all that mind game, scintilating,
Past to present to future and back,
Then when and where? No answer...!
Eager to feel the breeze, off the petals,
Of lustrous lush of morning flowers...
But I'm gifted with a sensous touch,
By the "Dew Drops", with all its serenity...
The "Dew Drops", the endearing sparks,
Melts down the barriers to start,
A day with fragrance and delight,
Longing for a soul that never betrays...!
Now waiting for the ablaze thoughts,
Mitigate as meager as a simple line,
And reverberating intuitions settle-
Down as placid as waveless sea...!
The vision is clear, and mission,
Now scribed vivid on top, doubtless...
Staunch efforts to be suffused, now on;
To reach the summit; that destiny calls...

The Way Out

The mighty flames of realities engulf,
The dense daze woven by reveries!
Then there uprise a question, where,
The vivid but ambigous way leads to?
The theories are extirpated,
The values are deracinated,
The limits left far behind,
The impetus goes rigorous ahead...!
Serene thoughts are obsolete
Buried deep inside without a go!
Humanity gets measured for each,
Even charity succumbs to profit motive...!
The smiling faces conceal,
The very intensions of being fraud...
The high tech culture penetrates,
The poor mens' soul & shatter their dreams...!
Know that there is no way out,
Other than being ourselves always...
Still I wish for a ray of hope,
Bringing light to life, for all alike...