Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Way Out

The mighty flames of realities engulf,
The dense daze woven by reveries!
Then there uprise a question, where,
The vivid but ambigous way leads to?
The theories are extirpated,
The values are deracinated,
The limits left far behind,
The impetus goes rigorous ahead...!
Serene thoughts are obsolete
Buried deep inside without a go!
Humanity gets measured for each,
Even charity succumbs to profit motive...!
The smiling faces conceal,
The very intensions of being fraud...
The high tech culture penetrates,
The poor mens' soul & shatter their dreams...!
Know that there is no way out,
Other than being ourselves always...
Still I wish for a ray of hope,
Bringing light to life, for all alike...

1 comment:

sumod said...

You are great yar,Your views about life are fantastic