Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dew Drops...

The frozen state annoys me,
And my very being as a whole!
Though one limb only on strike,
That prompt the laziness, invade through...!
Thoughts are flowing flawless,
Miles to the days ahead, in fury;
And then back to the days counted,
To bury beneath the broken heart...!
Well, I need a pause, I whispered,
But all that mind game, scintilating,
Past to present to future and back,
Then when and where? No answer...!
Eager to feel the breeze, off the petals,
Of lustrous lush of morning flowers...
But I'm gifted with a sensous touch,
By the "Dew Drops", with all its serenity...
The "Dew Drops", the endearing sparks,
Melts down the barriers to start,
A day with fragrance and delight,
Longing for a soul that never betrays...!
Now waiting for the ablaze thoughts,
Mitigate as meager as a simple line,
And reverberating intuitions settle-
Down as placid as waveless sea...!
The vision is clear, and mission,
Now scribed vivid on top, doubtless...
Staunch efforts to be suffused, now on;
To reach the summit; that destiny calls...


ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Longing for a soul that never betrays...!

Let that soul come to you in the very near future!

സ്നേഹതീരം said...

'Know the language of Hearts...? Feeling the warmth of Love...? Be it a soul mate, a true friend, parents, siblings or kids... Love someone? Welcome to My Love Shore...!'

This welcome note itself is enough for me to know the warmth of love in you, whoever you may be.

'Longing for a soul that never betrays..' No need to go in search of it or wait for it. It is there, in you, when your heart is as placid as waveless sea..

A poem with life in it..

best wishes..