Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shadow of life

Till where you will follow me?
To the day when my soul,
Mercifully leaves its carrier?
Or you will follow the soul too?

You’ve been a companion,
A warrior fighting my side always!
You stood beside at all my falls!
You’ve taken part of all my tears even!

You get likened to darkness often,
But by virtue you are my child!
The one who’s born to me by light!
The one who shares all my feelings…

You never showed interest in me,
Or you never spoke to me, either…!
But I know for sure, you never
Battle like us; the silly humans…!

I can see the cruel fangs around,
Waiting for piercing my flesh fiercely…!
But I’ll shield you, the best way, I can,
Until I sense my last conscious pulse…!

Now I hear a boat whistles; I see,
Oh! God! With no silhouetted shadows!
Call from heaven (or hell); I feel
Time to leave behind everything; even you…

Will you ask a question to the world?
For me, before you follow my footsteps,
Or dissolve down as an illusion as ever,
That; what a creature do possess its own…?

1 comment:

meera said...

Very good lines.Shadows r our souls.Not apart from us